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Season 2

   Welcome to the "Official Site" of "The Global Barber" TV Series. Griffrock Productions & Entertainment is proud to have partnered with Ontario's Southwest Tourism and various other municipal tourism partners to present a new season of episodes, featuring Cedric's journey working in different barbershops across Ontario, Canada.


   When the cutting is done, Cedric and the various crews of barbers visit different breweries, wineries, distilleries and restaurants, sampling the best of Ontario's Hospitality & Tourism. Along the way, Cedric also immerses himself in the local culture, checking-out each town and visiting various museums to get a taste of the local art & history, too.

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Trailer - Ontario's Southwest

The Barbershop Bar - Windsor, Ontario

Mastronardi's Barbershop - Leamington, Ontario

Whistling Dick's Barbershop - London, Ontario

Terrell The Barber Part 1 - Chatham-Kent, Ontario

Terrell The Barber Part 2 - Chatham-Kent, Ontario

Black Comb Barber & Shave Parlour - St. Thomas, Ontario

More episodes to come...

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